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Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling and Transpersonal Coaching

A very warm welcome to my hub!

I am a fully qualified Psychosynthesis counsellor and transpersonal coach with an established private practice in Ealing, West London.
I have 17 years experience working with a variety of individuals with myriad issues explored within a transpersonal framework.

Indeed today’s world seems to reflect a time of deep individual and collective crises at a fundamental level, and thereupon more people are seeking methods of counselling and coaching that includes a transpersonal vision, a 'Soulful Vision'.

You may be caught either in an exhaustive cycle of struggle that leaves you feeling unable to cope or in a cycle of repeating patterns and behaviours that leaves you feeling deeply dissatisfied, wondering where you are going in your life and perhaps to what extent you are fulfilling your potential.
Such distress and suffering often suggests that you are solely identified with your emotions, beliefs, behaviours and/or roles in life as if being in a survival trance. In this state, you are reacting to life's events from only a limited perspective, disconnected from a sense of centre, your Inner Self.

My training in Psychosynthesis counselling and my working philosophy as both a counsellor and coach are grounded in the transpersonal, which sees each individual on a journey seeking purpose and meaning although oftentimes unconsciously. A journey in which the obstacles thrown up by life's circumstances can be experienced as gateways to change and growth.
Distress, personal breakdowns and crises, albeit difficult, are thus seen to have a higher purpose of healing in that they:

  • Act as a warning signal that a particular way of functioning, an
    outmoded pattern is not working anymore.
  • Gives us an opportunity to re-examine ourselves with a view to change
    and unfold.

    In the counselling environment, this might entail exploring the unconscious dynamics within both your psyche and life that have been affecting and infecting your relationship to self, others, the world and environment.
    Such exploration will help uncover unresolved traumas and negative beliefs that you have been holding onto, and which as a result have become obstacles to your growth and well-being. I will then proceed in assisting you towards transforming these obstacles into healthier ways of being and behaving. The latter thus becomes in effect the coaching process.

    Within a warm and gentle guiding approach, I will help you clarify the meaning and purpose to any challenges you may be experiencing. I will subsequently seek to empower you in embracing the inevitable change so that you may:

  • Overcome Depression, Hurts, Traumas, Loneliness, Stress, Anxiety, Grief,
    Loss, Relationship Breakdown, Sexuality Issues, Anger, Addictions...
    [This list is by no means exhaustive].
  • Overcome obstacles to your Growth
  • Connect to your Inner Self
  • Connect to qualities of Joy, Serenity, Love, Compassion, Wisdom,
    Mindfulness, Aliveness, Enthusiasm, Inner Power, Creativity, Confidence...
  • Awaken to your Potential
  • Have Authentic and Fulfilling Relationships
  • Experience a better Quality of Life, a Sense of Belonging and Well-Being
  • Embody self-esteem and soul-esteem

    At first glance, the thought of such exploration may or may not feel a little daunting, and indeed, counselling requires a firm commitment from yourself as you may have to face up to previously repressed hurts. Nevertheless, both my personal and professional experience as a counsellor and coach continually show me that embarking on such a quest does generate deep healing and profound transformation.

    I typically draw my clients from the surrounding areas of Ealing, Acton, Brentford, Chiswick, Richmond, Isleworth, Kew, Twickenham, Ham, Barnes, Fulham, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill, Bayswater, Holland Park, Kensington and Chelsea.

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