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Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling & Coaching in Ealing with Laëtitia Kerneur

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Transpersonal Coaching is Psychospiritual in nature in that speaks directly to the Heart and Soul of individuals. Its aim is to help individuals in their personal, relational, professional and spiritual growth. It derives from the Psychosynthesis model of Personal and Transpersonal development as well as a powerful mix-bag of other eastern and western practical methods of growth and Self-realisation.

This will include Mindfulness meditations, Visualisations, Gestalt role-play exercises, art therapy ( no need to know how to draw in a specific fashion!), Oracle-style techniques, reflective writing and meditating and also homework ‘apprenticeship’ exercises.

I specialise in Self-Realisation, Purpose and Well-being Coaching as I believe that their cultivation is both elemental and fundamental for a well-balanced life. In my Coaching practice, I am also continuously developing new self-growth programs with experience and wisdom to benefit my clients even greatly.
My unique style can thus be described as an eclectic fusion of the advanced Psychosynthesis model of Personal and Transpersonal development, of Imagework as taught by Dr. Dina Glouberman, and of other contempary Psychospiritual practices aimed at uncovering one’s soul purpose and recovery of the Self.

“ The meaning of life is to find your Gift. The purpose of life is to share it.”

- Pablo Picasso -

Transpersonal coaching is for those who would like support and guidance with:

  • Birthing and setting up a professional “Soul mission” project - close to heart
  • Their personal and spiritual path of Self-Realisation and Self-Actualisation
  • Cultivating Joy, Love, Serenity, Motivation, Assertiveness and much more
  • Improving their self-image for either their personal and professional roles

  • Improve their relationship to both Time and Abundance ( The syndrome of Scarcity - ‘Not having enough of ‘)
  • Clarifying your path when feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘at a crossroad’
  • Inducing a lasting and healing state of relaxation if burnt-out or highly stressed

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